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Gregg Finch


Also goes by the name of Bubbles or Burt. Likes anything mechanical especially helicopters and cranes!

Gregg is a rare breed at Bruntingthorpe. He’s one of a few people who are actually qualified to do the work we do! He is a cracking engineer and can usually think us out of any problems we come across.

Gregg spends a lot of time during the airshow season, chasing the Vulcan around the country for the Vulcan Weirdos Club aka the Vulcan To The Sky Club.and is alsoa member of the Cold War Jets team for which he was crew chief on one of their Buccaneers for a while

above right - Gregg in Vulcan to the sky mode

bottom right - demonstraing the emergency evacuation procedure for the Guppy (totally involuntarily, I should add!)

bottom left - a bit of a surprise for Gregg at Cambridge in September 2009, I treated him to a helicopter flight as he had said how much he liked them and had never been up in one - he didn't say he was scared of heights which included being even a few feet off the ground in a helicopter, he enjoyed it all the same.

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