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Andrew Goldsmith


my only contribution to date is building, managing (and sponsoring) the website, both the original and now this 2015 version. I also set up the forum (have you signed up to it?)

I live in rural Essex so I'm a long way from Brunty but have been keen on all sorts of aviation all my life (Dad was in RAF) so I offered to build a website as a contribution to the project. I'm now 63 and hyave retired from full time employment which gives me more time to play around with website building as well as my other hobbies. Before I retired I worked as a project manager in the water industry.  
My other interests are golf, tennis and quizzes (I'm a semi regular quiz master but don't test me on a hard question!). I'm a keen photographer, mainly aviation and wildlife (here's my FlickR album started in 2014 - I got fed up with photobucket)
I hope to get to Brunty and get my hands dirty at some point, otherwise i'll just turn up and take more photos for the website!

photos: right - a day at Doncaster with Vulcan XH558, I ran a photo compretition to raise money for the Vulcan and I donated a canvas for the winner and he and I went to doncaster for a formal presentation

below left - golfing at St Andrews back in 2002, on the Swilkin Bridge, that was in the days when i could still hit a golf ball straight!

below right: my 60th birthday treat, flying the Concorde simulator at Brooklands - we went UNDER tower bridge (the ramps were lifted up for us though!)

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